Don: Kya chahiye re tereku?    Rocky: Duniya !!!! 

Don: Mumbai tere baap ka hai .. Kya re?   Rocky: Nai re. Tere baap ki. Aur tere bap main hoon.

Who told you that I hit some random people and became a don?  Everyone I hit was a don already.

Powerful people come from powerful places

If you hit a common man, police will come in search of you. But if you hit a policeman, dons will come in search of you.

The one who comes with a gang is a gangster.  He always comes alone. Monster !!!

When people have accepted, then who are you or who we are?

It doesn't matter who hits first in a fight. Who fell down first it matters.

Don't think about these people. No one is stronger than you.

The world running after selfishness does not stop for anyone. We have to stop it